Bentley's Reserve BBQ Sauce

Bentley's Reserve BBQ Sauce

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Bentley’s Batch 5 Reserve Barbecue Sauce

"My Dad’s original barbecue sauce is called Reserve because like a fine wine it’s exceptional and deserves that distinction. He taught me how to make it over 40 years ago and it’s not a normal tomato based barbecue sauce; instead it’s Worcestershire based with a bold zesty flavor that’s tangy and rich. It’s also unique because it’s full of bits of tomato, onions and peppers that heighten its flavor and texture.

Our Reserve Barbecue Sauce can be used as a cooking, finishing or dipping sauce or just slather it over your cooked meat or seafood dishes, and it goes great on grilled vegetables.

And when you cook your meats or seafood to perfection, our Reserve sauce will enhance their flavors, but as my wife always says, on those occasions when they’re not perfect, our barbecue sauce will make it great. After you’ve spent all day cooking, you deserve a special barbecue sauce. You deserve Bentley’s Batch 5 Reserve Barbecue Sauce."

 - Harold & Gale Bentley

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